Other services

Aeronautical technical office

You have an aeronautical maintenance shop and you need services to organize your technical office (document writing, follow-up…)?
We are fully equipped to answer all your needs in this field..

Aircraft Export/Import

Do you wish to buy an aircraft from a foreign country or sell one abroad ?

With its ‘privilege I’ status, SKYNAV can take care of all the paperwork for the import or export of your aircraft.
We can submit a recommendation to the proper authorities which will in turn issue the necessary aircraft papers.

Audit PART M

Thanks to its extensive experience in PART-M regulation, the SKYNAV team offers day audits in this field, covering technical, administrative and regulatory topics, specific to your needs.

These external audits perfectly fit within your annual audit schedule.

Programme and Handbook writing

Thanks to its experience in the PART-M field, but also in AIR-OPS, SKYNAV puts its services at your disposal to draft your Aircraft Maintenance Program, Continuing Airworthiness Management Manual, MANEX Part-B, Specific activity manual, or other…

The writing is undertaken by experienced experts in this specific field. The work is thus done professionally and according to the rules of the trade.

Aircraft expertise and sale

Before purchasing an aircraft, be sure to have it evaluated by an expert to avoid a nasty surprise…
Along with a qualified aeronautics mechanic, we will evaluate the aircraft you plan on purchasing, and give you a complete report on its actual worth, on the expenses to be expected in the short and long term (type A B C D controls….), etc…

If you are planning on selling your aircraft, helicopter or plane, SKYNAV will share its extensive network to increase your chances of selling it..



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